Wildscreen Dahl

Wildscreen Dahl, S - 48x20x2 / beech tree

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Young Wild Screen DAHL has been designed to include all kinds of animals.

This new digital stand is the perfect union between a modern stand design (in rectangular format) with the latest technology, which will allow you to remember those great moments over and over again.

The beech wood is classified as durable against fungi, insects, termites and marine xylophagous.

Find your Dahl Wildscreen in 3 sizes for different animals:

Size S for Roe Deer/Rebeccio /Sarriot /Rabbit /Wild Goat /Mufflon /Arrui /Game /Frontal Whitetail Deer /Berrendock /Goats /Impala /Duiker /Blesbock /Bontebook /Bushbuck

Size M for Deer Skull /Kudu /Orix/ Elk /Wildebeest

Size L for Buffalo /Eland

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